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Office 365 Phone Setup

Office 365 Phone Setup


1.   Tap Settings > Accounts > Add Account > Email
2.   Type your full email address, type your password, tap Next
3.   Select Manual
4.   Review settings on Exchange Server Settings
     a.   Email - Make sure full email address is in this box.
     b.   Domain/Username - Type your full email address in this box.  If Domain/Username are separate boxes, leave Domain box empty.
     c.   Password - Use the password associated with your account.
     d.   Exchange - The server name for Office 365 is outlook.office365.com.
     e.   Make sure the Use secure connections (SSL) is checked.
5.   Tap Done
6.   If a message about additional security features comes up, select OK to continue.
7.   Accept default account settings to sync your device.  Tap Next.
8.   On the set up email page you can change name of your account, when you are done click Done.


1.   Tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Accounts > Add Account > Email
2.   In the Add Account page, tape Exchange
3.   Enter your full email address, type your password, tap Next
4.   By default, Mail, Contacts, Calendars information are synchronized.  Tap Save
5.   If you're prompted to create a passcode, tap Continue and type a numeric passcode.  If you're prompted and don't set up a passcode, you can't view this account on your device.

If you experience any difficulties during this setup please don't hesitate to call us for assistance if needed.  Office 365 support agreements for clients will include this service at no extra charge.