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R-ProService, R-ProService+Support, R-ProService+Support360 & Managed Online Backup

R-ProService, R-ProService+Support,
 R-ProService+Support360 & Managed Online Backup (MOB)

R-ProService includes proactive services to keep your computers updated, running smoother, faster and more secure! Plus a disaster recovery backup is completed so in event of major failure your system setup and data can be recovered.

R-ProService Includes:
  • Daily Checks Monitoring and Reporting
    • Data backup monitoring (Windows/Managed Online Backup)
    • Disaster Recover Image/WIB backup monitoring
    • Vulnerability (security holes, patches) Checks
    • System Error Check
    • Antivirus Status/Updated Checks
    • Data Disk Integrity Checks
    • Hacker/Invalid Login Checks
    • Windows Services Checks
    • Disk space checks
  • Weekly Summary Report on Monitoring Checks.
  • A+ Certified Service Rate for extra-out of scope services
  • High Performance Antivirus Software Included
  • Proactive Maintenance Covered/Included
    • Data backup proactive fixes/support for Managed Online Backup
    • Vulnerabilities Minimized with Security Policies
    • Windows patches - fixes done
    • Security updates for JavaScript
    • Security updates for Adobe Flash
    • Security updates for Firefox
    • Security updates for Internet Explorer
    • Secure administrator account
    • Data disk clean up(temp files, defrag, sector scans)
    • Disaster Recovery complete system image backup (Win7/2008 and newer) Requires MOB and best with recommended network storage/speedvault.
    • Right-Insight Report - Proactive maintenance plan, system statuses & technical recommendations for improving network and systems

R-ProService+Support includes:

All proactive services above PLUS the following support services:
    • Helpdesk support via Phone/Remote Control/Email Windows, mainstream applications*
    • Virus/Malware Removal*
    • Disaster Recovery Image restored to original system
    • Data restore request to orginal system data backup is setup using Managed Online Backup (MOB)
    • Depot/Shop Services repair hardware*
    • Depot/Shop Services upgrade hardware*

R-ProService+Support360 includes:

All proactive and support services above PLUS:
  • User Profile Changes, Printer driver add/delete/changes, and Covered application version upgrades
  • Client's non-mainstream application support 
  • Reinstall system from scratch or upgrade OS* (Once per year)
  • Transfer data/setup to new computer* (Once per year)
  • Onsite travel for services included (within 26 miles of Right-Tech Service Depot)

Managed Online Backup (MOB):

  • Managed Online Backup (MOB) protection for critical data, includes Disaster Recovery Image. 
  • Unlimited Data Backup, never worry about data lost!
  • Can be added to R-ProService, R-ProService+Support or R-ProService 360

If you need additional services or support beyond the many inclusive services on this level, you'll get priority service at a reduce rate!

Contact us today to find out which solution will best fit your current needs.