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Right-Tech has service options to meet your computer and networking service needs


R-Managed Technology Services 

     R-Managed Technology Services is an affordable IT management service that is offered in multiple service levels to best match your IT budget and service needs. Each level is available to support to business, government and home offices. The levels allow you to chose how much support your business needs to keep your devices functioning at their best. There are levels for clients who need complete IT management support and for clients that like to do some or part of their own IT management tasks. We utilize industry standard best practices for providing managed IT services. We also provide a range of proactive services to keep your computer systems up and running around the clock. 


Benefit: Retain service and support that is backed with experience and certified computer staff. Know you can call for help on the covered devices when needed, and at a cost lower then a paying hourly for services. This type of agreement will take care of a majority if not all of your service and support needs.



R-ProService includes proactive services to keep your computers updated, running smoother, faster and more secure! It includes R-Managed Antivirus+ and we ensure the updates are current on mainstreem programs and Windows OS. We also keep your PC tuned up for the best performance. If you need additional service or support beyond the services at this level, you'll get priority service.



R-ProService+Support includes all of the great services of R-ProService, plus it includes unlimited free live helpdesk support, remote support and computer hardware repairs and upgrade labor at our service center. This is everything you need to keep your computer in tip-top shape and productivity to a maximum!



R-ProService+Support360 is our most comprehensive coverage. It includes all of the services of R-ProService+Support, plus it includes user profile or printer changes, non-mainstream app support at a discounted rate, reinstall system from scratch or upgrade OS, transferring data to a new computer and onsite services. Removing the costs associated with frequent changes to users and computer upgrades.


Managed Online Backup (MOB)

Managed Online Backup (MOB) is our critical data protection service which also includes a disaster recovery image. This is a full system backup that protects data on each device and allows for a complete restore in the event a device is lost, stolen, damaged or the drive fails. This service is an option that is available at each level above.




Contact us for more details and get a price quote for discounts on multiple workstations and for server and network services.


Why Choose Right-Tech as Your Managed Service Provider?

     1.   Trusted Technical Team - We employ a team CompTIA A+ certified technicians. 

2.   Fewer Work Time Disruptions - Remote patches, fixes and backups can be scheduled at best time for you. This minimizes interruptions in your work day. Many technical fixes or proactive updating and backups can be provided remotely in the background.

3.   We Protect Your Technology Investments - Our combination of services provide peace of mind that your data and devices are protected. 

4.   Business Competitive Advantage As your IT trusted advisors we stay up to date with latest business technologies and are ready to guide you in planning for your current and future tech needs.

5.   Predictable Budgeting and Lower IT Costs - With our +Support service models for covered services at a flat rate makes it easy to budget for technical support services that you can count on. Get responsive break fix, helpdesk and proactive services you need done at lower costs than traditional hourly rate IT services.

BONUS REASON: No long term commitment and money back on any prepaid unused months if you are not happy with the service for any reason! 


Time and Materials

     Time and Materials (also known as break/fix) is a service that we provide for those who like to pay as they need services. This is good for those who have a high level of computer knowledge and maintain their computer themselves but would like additional help when they run into things outside of their knowledge. It also is good for businesses that have an internal IT employee that needs additional support. Our CompTIA A+ certified techs can provide service, support, repair, consulting, or other computing services on an as-needed basis. Rates are based on the number of hours spent plus cost of materials, travel and other costs. There is a one hour minimum on these services and after that it is billed in tenth hour increments.

Benefit: The cost for service and support needs are paid as needed.

Contact us to find out more or to request services.


Fixed Rate and Project Services

     Our Fixed Rate and Project Services are available for those planning and budgeting for a specific project. For this type of service you will speak with a sales rep about the project, desired outcome and any special requests. The sales rep will work with you to come up with the best plan including any hardware or software you may need. Then you will receive a quote that has all hardware, software and the associated labor costs for the project. This is great for computer replacements, server replacements, network upgrades, and installing new software. This option allows you to receive a custom recommendation to best fit your needs and helps keep project cost predictable. 


Benefit: The cost for service and support is paid as needed, and you'll know the cost before the work begins.

Contact us for a quote for your next project!

Updated 5/2018