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Flat Rate Services

Flat Rate Services (2)

Fixed Rate/Project Services

You need a project done, a computer replaced, a hard drive upgraded, new network wires installed, etc...but what is the cost going to end up being?

The Fixed Rate Service is designed to provide a predictable service cost. The pricing is based on the project or service job.

Benefit: The cost for service and support is paid as needed, and you'll know the cost before the work begins.

Hourly Rate Services

Hourly Rate Services (1)

Time and Materials Hourly Rate Services

Right-Tech Computer Solutions provides service, support, repair, consulting, or other computing services as you need them. Rates are based on the time spent plus materials, travel and other costs.
- 1.0 Hour Minimum, then 0.1 increments.
- Rates are $87 per hour.

Benefit: The cost for service and support needs are paid as needed.