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R-ProService - One Year
R-ProService - One Year
R-ProService includes proactive services to keep your computers updated, running smoother, faster and more secure! Plus a disaster recovery backup is completed so in event of major failure your system setup and data can be recovered.

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R-ProService includes 12 months of services, in event you are not happy with the service for any reason, we'll refund you the remaining prepaid months.
Our PriceUS$432.00
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Service includes:
-> daily system checks, with a weekly summary report emailed to you to let you know the state of your computer.
You will know the health of your computers easily without having to be a technical expert and know you’re starting the week off right with a computer that is ready for you or needs something fixed.

-> Service includes our high performance R-Managed anti-virus software that you never have to worry about not working or being out of date.

-> We ensure the updates on a number of programs and Windows are completed, and we will keep your PC tuned up for the best performance.

-> There is more, this service also includes a automated complete image backup of your computer to a local USB or network storage device! The backup can run daily, weekly or monthly as you wish. All you need is a storage drive with enough free space for each image. You select 1 or more image points for multiple recovery point options.

If you need additional services or support beyond the many inclusive services on this level, you’ll get priority service at a reduced rate and only half hour minimum.

This service may also be purchased as month-to-month service for sites with 4 or more computers.

Daily System Checks Included
Vulnerability (security holes, patches) Checks Yes
System Error Checks Yes
Antivirus Status Checks Yes
Data Disk Integrity Checks Yes
Hacker/Invalid Login Checks Yes
Windows Services Checks Yes
Disk space checks Yes
Summary Report Yes
A+ Certified Service Rate for extra services $87/hour
Minimum service order time (std is 1.0 hr) 0.5 hour
High Performance Antivirus Software Included Yes
Client Online Dashboard /Remote Control Access Yes w/5+ wks. or 1 svr.
Proactive Maintenance Covered/Included
Vulerbilities minimized Yes
Windows patches -fixes done Yes
Security updates for Javascript Yes
Security updates for Adobeflash Yes
Security updates for Firefox Yes
Security updates for Internet Explorer Yes
Secure administrator account Yes
Data disk clean up service Yes
Disaster Recovery system backup(win6/2008 and up) Yes
Reactive Services Included

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