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Remote Control / Phone Support

First, please call 402-753-9089 to schedule service.

The tech will ask you to install remote control agent below:

1. Agent install

A> Windows Click here to download remote control agent

B> Mac/IOS click here

2. If prompted to save or run, select run.  If no prompt, then view your downloads folder and double click the RightTech.Exe agent file and allow it to run.  The agent installs in background and may take several minutes before tech can start a remote session.

3. When remote session is started by tech, you will be prompted to allow remote access.  Once service is completed, the remote agent will be uninstalled by tech or you can by uninstalling advanced monitoring agent in your control panel.

Fee Notice
Current Support Agreement Customers

Cost depends on service level you purchased...from $0 and up.

Time and Material Customers

Support must be purchased before support is started from our Services Purchase Page